Senior Care Insurance Plans

Senior Care Insurance Plans and Burial Insurance Plans Top 5 Questions

Did you see a  TV ad about Final Expense life insurance program and could not  get through or didn’t pay attention and forgot the phone number well, we can answer your questions !  We can compare and find you the  best possible Senior Care Insurance Plans and Burial Insurance Plans.  Even if you call the insurance company direct, not only you will pay the same price, plus – by law they will assign you to a licensed agent .


That’s OK, you’ll still be able to get a final expense plan, there are plans available that are GUARANTEED TO ISSUE, no medical questions asked.


To get coverage you need to first apply, get approved, pay the first monthly premium and get the policy issued. With some companies, this process is Instant, you can get approved and receive a policy number within MINUTES, on the phone! Some other companies need you to fill out an application online or on paper, then submit by email, fax or mail. Most plans for seniors final expense life insurance DO NOT NEED A MEDICAL EXAM, which means that no blood or urine testing is necessary. Some medical history questions are asked.


These policies are available for anyone ages 18 to age 80. Even beyond that age, there are some options to help you cover final expenses and burial/funeral costs.


Depending on your choice of funeral (cremation, burial, other services) and the need to cover additional costs and debts, medical expenses, probate, mortgages, etc. Will your loved ones be burdened to cover those? Will your  family be able to come up with that amount at a moment’s notice if something happened to you?

 RATES START AT  As Low As  $35/month

Leave your name and number, email address and we’ll contact you shortly with your rates. Depending on your age, health and amount of coverage needed, your rates could start from as low as $1 a Day

Senior Care Plan, Final Expense Life Insurance ; We Make It Easy; 

Final expense insurance is important to have. Having final expense life insurance give you peace of mind. Final expense whole life insurance also makes it easier for your loved ones. It is important to have  a senior care plan, having senior care insurance is considered by many to be the most important insurance to have. We will make it easy and efficient to obtain senior care plan insurance so you have the best senior Senior life plan and
Senior Life Insurance. We are the one stop shop for burial insurance, and burial insurance for seniors.

Final Expense Insurance ,Burial Insurance or peace of mind insurance to ensure a proper burial and no stress on loved ones, children, relatives or friends. We are familiar with many cases of people being caught off guard trying to pay for a funeral. The government benefit is a “whopping” $255, for a service that costs between approx. $5,000 and $25,000 and more

No matter what your age, it`s absolutely essential to have a  plan in place to protect your loved ones . When you are no longer able. Final Expense insurance will pay for your funeral service, bills and other associated costs.

Leave Your Family With Only The Great Memories Of You!

Why YOU should consider Final Expense Insurance and Burial Insurance

Burial Insurance Final Expense Planning , is a product that protects your family from the very high costs of funerals and burials. It covers everything related to your funeral, from the casket, cemetery plot and funeral home.

Your Family is Protected: Funerals and everything that go with them are not cheap, the average cost is over $8,000.

  • Is your family prepared to pay these costs?
  • Do you want them to?

Affordable Reasonable Cost : Our  plans are low cost and  the money needed to pay for your funeral and burial.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing these costs will be covered.

Senior Insurance  is Here to Help

The process to help you and your family is very simple. After completing our Customer Help Form, a consultant will begin the process of getting your plan finalized and communicate with you.

After  you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your funeral costs are covered and your loved ones will never have to worry about that  financial burden. Unlike many other insurance products, NO  need a medical exam, No long wait we make it simple  for your specific needs & situation.

Do Not Delay Inquire Today, Kind Compassionate Understanding, We Explain,We Care

All you have to do fill out the form on this site and a professional  consultant will contact you and go over  some basic questions to help you  tailor a plan  to fit your needs. Don’t Wait! Time For This Offer May Be Limited and every day you get older the price could rise. Do Not Delay Inquire Today, Kind Compassionate Understanding , We Explain