Senior Life

Best Life Insurance For Seniors

Are you or a loved one between the ages of 40 to 85 years old?

If you are younger than 80 years old, do you receive social security, disability, or medicare?

If you answered yes, you may qualify for $30,000 in funeral insurance or more
The average funeral costs around $11,000, and social security only pays $255 leaving your loved ones to pay the balance.  if you qualify  for a  Senior Legacy  Your rate will never increase, your benefits will never decrease, and  even if you have a pre-existing condition we can insure and many cases get you instant coverage with no wait!!
Don’t be a financial burden to your family. Lock in your rate by completing an application  Find out Today

No Waiting Period-We have multiple choices so this is Possible 

Burial Insurance or Burial Expense Insurance – Your Best Source – Burial Insurance Programs Highlights
(Don’t have burial insurance. Worried who will have to pay for your burial expenses if you die next week? Your children, a brother or sister, the Government – Social Security pays $255. Don’t delay any longer and risk putting this burden on your loved ones.)

 Burial insurance or burial expense insurance policies are our specialty.

Burial insurance or burial expense insurance policies are our specialty. We represent the best burial insurance company in the insurance market today. Why? Because they offer Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance or Guaranteed Burial Expense Insurance. We have the best options for senior life insurance,senior life insurance with no waiting period, term life insurance no medical exam, whole life insurance for seniors, whole life insurance with no waiting period.

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NO 2 Year Waiting Period

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Our Burial Insurance Policies are Whole Life Insurance Policies and are Non Cancelable as long as you make your payment.No One Will Come To Your Home- Easy Enrollment with Fast Coverage. Don’t Let Your Burial Expenses Fall On Your Loved Ones

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